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Gray Fox Lane Pump Station. This facility was completed in the fall of 1992. The award winning design was intended to fit in with surrounding homes in the Gray Fox and Keystone West Ranch subdivision. Water from the District well field is pumped into the 80,000 gallon clear well located underneath the surface building. As the water arrives from the well field it is cascaded through a man made water fall to aerate the water. The aeration changes the pH of the water without chemicals to reduce corrosiveness and expel radon gas. The water then receives chlorination and fluoridation treatment prior to entering the clear well.

A computer in the pump station controls water operations throughout the District. The system can be switched to manual operation at any time.

Snowberry Water Tank. The Snowberry Water Tank is a 1.5 million gallon post-tension concrete tank. The tank is fully earth covered. The tank was constructed in 2001 and first put into service in December 2001. The planning process of the tank, the purpose of the tank and the pictures of the construction of the tank can be found on the Snowberry Tank Project page.

Landfill Water Tank. A one million-gallon tank was constructed in the early 80s to serve the continued growth of the District. The tank is located near the entrance to the Summit County Landfill. Either this tank or the Snowberry tank can provide service to District customers.

Summerwood Pump Station. A booster pump station is located in Summerwood to serve the area above the tank level of the District. Smaller pumps provide normal water service and the station is equipped with large natural gas power engines to provide emergency fire protection service. The pump equipment was replaced in 1999. Computer controlled variable speed pumps are utilized to provide a constant water pressure regardless of the water demand.

Well Field. All water service for the District is provided through seven shallow wells located in the Soda Creek alluvium. The wells are in a direct line just below the Summit Cove Elementary school soccer field. Extensive testing and engineering studies of the Soda Creek alluvium have been conducted in the last several years. Two test wells were drilled and pimp tested in 2000. The District intends to install new production wells in the location of the test wells in 2001 as part of the long-term replacement and upgrading of the pumping capacity of the well field. All work is done in accordance with the applicable wetland regulations

Water Rights. The District closed on a purchase of the water rights from the Vidler Water Company and the City of Golden in December 2000. Previously the District had a perpetual water lease from the Vidler Water Company. The purchase agreement with Vidler allows the District to continue with the existing lease terms until funding for the purchase price is arranged in 2002.

Emergency Connection In 1998 the District installed a connection line with the Snake River Water District (that provides service to the Keystone area). The connection would allow water from the Snake River District to be used by the East Dillon District should there ever be a major failure in pumping equipment, storage facilities or water quality.

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